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Visit Oregon Adult Soccer Association (OASA) to get your player's card for our member leagues (11v11 or 7v7). The card is also valid for area leagues including NUWS, GPSD and many more!

TAFC 11v11 Rules of Competition

These Rules of Competition serve as guidelines for play. TAFC reserves the right to amend the Rules of Competition as needed.

1. Scheduling and Match Reports

All scheduling and match reporting will take place on the Bonzi/Blue Star Team Sports site.

2. Player Registration and Rosters

All players participating in Official TAFC matches must have and present an up-to-date OASA player card. All players must be at least 18 years of age, and have his/her name appear on a match roster prior to the start of match play.

The match day roster must be presented to the referee prior to the start of the match.

3. Uniforms and Equipment

a. Teams are required to have matching shirts. The HOME team is required to change to an alternate shirt color in the event of similar color.

b. Goalkeepers must wear a shirt with a color that easily contrasts from that of the rest of the team.

c. All kits should be numbered. Field players must have a numbered jersey different from any team mate.

4. TAFC Match Rules

a. Teams are allowed unlimited substitutions during dead ball situations at the referee's discretion.

b. Incomplete matches: If a match is stopped, the referee will note the time, reason, and the score when the match is stopped. Depending on circumstances, matched stopped after halftime may be considered final. The referee will submit a game report and the TAFC committee will determine the match outcome.

c. If a match is stopped at any time due to fighting, the team deemed responsible for the fight will lose the game.

5. Disciplinary

TAFC reserves the right to enforce reasonable punishments in the event of serious conduct violations.

a. Red cards carry an automatic 1 match ban, plus additional punishment if warranted.

b. In accordance with OASA guidelines, players receiving additional punishment have the right to request a hearing to present their case. This must be done by contacting via email.

6. Alcohol

In general, alcohol use is prohibited at TAFC matches, except in special "beer garden" areas during tournaments.

7. Field Setup/Teardown

TAFC teams should setup the field prior to the match using the equipment in the green lockbox. At a minimum, corner flags should be present on the corners and goals should be setup and anchored if possible.