Get your OASA Card

Visit Oregon Adult Soccer Association (OASA) to get your player's card for our member leagues (11v11 or 7v7). The card is also valid for area leagues including NUWS, GPSD and many more!


Full Seasons

2018 Fall: Tanner Creek Renegades (vs Sporting DBA, 3-0)

2018 Spring: - Deacon Blue (vs Sporting DBA, 4:1 on PKs)

2017 Fall: Deacon Blue (vs TCR, 4:2 on PKs)

2017 Spring: Tanner Creek Renegades (vs NAFC, 5-3)

2016 Fall: Northern Alliance FC (vs TCR, 8:7 on PKs)

2016 Spring: Northern Alliance FC (vs MFAFC, 2-0)

2015 Fall: Deacon Blue (vs RCA 1:0, on PKs)

2015 Spring: Rose City Athletic (vs NAFC, in PKs)

2014 Fall: Rose City Athletic (vs NEU, 4-3)

2014 Spring: No season

2013 Fall: Rose City Athletic (vs GVFC, 2-1)

2013 Spring: North End United (vs RCA, 2-1)

2012 Fall (GPSD D4): Montavilla (vs RCA, 3-0)

Winter Seasons

2019 Winter: Northern Alliance FC

2018 Winter: Transplant FC

2017 Winter: Clinton City Wanderers

2016 Winter: Northern Alliance FC

2015 Winter (Open Division): Hooligans FC